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The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) is a member-driven organization that provides a unique, national voice for postdoctoral scholars. Current membership includes future, current, and past postdoctoral scholars; graduate students; faculty; administrators; staff; universities; research institutions; corporations; and other interested individuals committed to advancing the U.S. research enterprise and enhancing the postdoctoral experience.

To meet the unique needs of our members, we offer three membership types each with multiple categories and dues options.


What is it? Dues-paying individual membership for any individual who wants to show their financial support to the NPA's mission.  Free, limited individual membership for students, postdocs, faculty, and employees at selected NPA Sustaining Member institutions.

Click here to see the list of participating Sustaining Member institutions.

Dues-paying organizational membership for organizations interested in supporting the NPA's mission. 
Who is it for? All Individuals Select Individuals All Organizations
(e.g., research institutions, postdoc offices (PDOs), postdoc associations (PDAs), corporations, and professional societies)
How many categories are available for this membership type? 3 categories:
  • Graduate Student
  • Postdoc
  • Non-Postdoc
    • Faculty
    • Admin.
    • Former postdocs
    • Other
3 categories:
  • Graduate Student
  • Postdoc
  • Non-Postdoc
    • Faculty
    • Admin.
    • Other
9 categories:
  • Institutions/PDOs with <100 postdocs
  • Institutions/PDOs with 101-250 postdocs
  • Institutions/PDOs with 251-500 postdocs
  • Institutions/PDOs with 501-750 postdocs
  • Institutions/PDOs with 751-1,000
  • Institutions/PDOs with > 1,000 postdocs
  • PDAs
  • Professional Societies
  • Corporations
What are the available dues options?

1- and 2-years dues options based on professional category.

View dues options

Now Available – NPA Gift Memberships!


The steps to purchase a gift membership are simple - fill out this form, choose the gift membership you would like to purchase, pay, and we'll do the rest!

1-year dues option based on professional category.  All dues are free but the applicant must meet this membership's criteria. 

1- and 2-years dues options based on organizational type. 

View dues options.
What are the benefits?

View benefits. View benefits. View benefits.


What's the difference between the Full and Affiliate membership?  Click here to view the benefits comparison.


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