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Mentoring Plans for Postdoctoral Scholars Print Email

Mentoring can have a profound influence on the relative satisfaction and success of postdoctoral scholars.  Mentoring plans are tools to help optimize the mentoring experience by providing a roadmap for both the mentor and the postdoc of the activities that will be undertaken to further the postdoc's professional and career development. This includes support for the enrichment of a postdoc's research knowledge, skills, and productivity as well as assistance in furthering the postdoc's career prospects. This mentoring toolkit includes resources developed by the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) for how to draft a mentoring plan, suggestions for effective mentoring activities, and other resources on effective mentoring.

Please note: The recommendations and suggestions for a mentoring plan made herein have not been endorsed by the NIH, the NSF, or any other government organization. The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) is providing this toolkit of best practices as a service to its members.

Table of Contents:

Kathleen Flint, Ph.D., is first author of this toolkit, and Cathee Johnson Phillips, M.A., is second author. The NPA wishes to thank Richard Lombardo, Ph.D., Phil Clifford, Ph.D., and the NPA Resource Development Committee for their significant contributions to this toolkit.




ATTENTION: JAM attendees

Cathee Johnson Phillips, the Principal Investigator for NPA's ADVANCE-PAID project, presented on mentoring plans for postdoctoral associates at the NSF JAM on June 9, 2009. Download the presentation: Mentoring Plans for Postdoctoral Associates.



















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